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Gradient Amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers & MRI Products

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique that helps hospitals and medical centers to produce detailed images of the soft tissue of their patients' body, including the brain and muscles. MRI uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and versatile control & computing systems to create images for further analysis. In addition to human scanning MRI is also used for research and preclinical purposes.


IECO's products for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) include

- modular MRI Gradient Amplifiers

- Ultra High Stability Magnet Power Supplies (0,1 ppm stability level)

- Temperature Controller/Cooling Units

- Penetration Panels, and Feed-Through Filters.


Other High Precision Amplifier and Magnet Power Supply Segments

In addition to MRI applications, IECO provides high power amplifiers and magnet power supplies for other uses, such as

- Demanding medical and research applications, such as proton or ion beam treatment

- Degaussing amplifiers for naval purposes

- Amplifiers for testing.



The complete IECO product list and datasheets about the different IECO products and their models can be retrieved from the related product pages (on the left).